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Our job is to make self publishing simple, providing a service that’s as close as possible to the experience of working with a traditional publisher — but with two crucial differences. First, we put the the online opportunity front and centre. That’s because most books today — whether print or ebooks — are discovered or bought online. That’s especially true for self publishers. Secondly, we make sure you get more than a book. You get a complete publishing ‘platform’ that puts you in control of your book, its distribution and its marketing.

Publishing help from start to finish

There are many steps in a book publishing project. But most services stop at one or two, leaving you with big gaps to figure out. Our approach is different — we take you every step of the way. It starts with considering all the options and picking the right approach, then proceeds to final publication and beyond.

Publishing for an online world

Technology has changed how readers find books. That means changes are needed in how to make a book and how to sell it. While we know the traditional methods well, we shine in using digital publishing and online marketing techniques. These match how today’s readers find and buy books.

Keep control, keep all your rights

It’s important to us that you retain full control and 100% ownership of your book and publishing platform. It’s like having a publisher to take away the hassle, without having to sign away your rights and profits. And it means no hidden ‘gotchas’ like expensive print costs.

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Our service is fee-based with no hidden margins or commissions. We’re in Auckland, New Zealand and employ skilled and experienced locals to work on your book. At the end of it, you’ll have a professionally-published book, you’ll have complete control over marketing, distribution, printing and pricing, and you’ll receive 100% of the income from sales. This approach gives your book the best chance of success and ensures you can take advantage of all future opportunities.

Expert, personal self publishing support

Self publishing expert Martin TaylorI’m Martin Taylor and I personally lead every book publishing project. You’ll benefit from my two decades of experience creating and marketing digital and print works in New Zealand and the US. My hands-on approach, extensive technical and digital marketing skills, and help from a small team of design and editing professionals, ensure that every book I take on is completed to the highest standards, and given the best chance of success.

“There are so many ways to publish a book now that picking the right strategy is critical. Contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation and I’ll make sure you get the most important decision right before you spend a dollar.”

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How to publish a book — the easy way

Here are some of our self publishing services. We’ll manage the whole book publishing project from start to finish, or we’ll work with you or your preferred team to plug the gaps.
Amazon self publishing

Amazon Publishing

With our roots in digital, we’re experts in publishing and marketing on Amazon in both Kindle ebook and print formats.

Ebook conversion for Kindle and EPUB

Ebook Conversion

We’ll convert your manuscript or book into an ebook, handcrafting it to produce results no automated system can match.

Self publishing books using print on demand

Print on Demand

We can turn your existing print book files or your manuscript into a black and white or colour print-on-demand edition on sale worldwide.

Book marketing

Online Book Marketing

We’ll help you to distribute and market your book through the right channels, including our special expertise in online book marketing.

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